There are 10 questions that you should ask each and every agent you interview to help you buy or sell a home:

1. How long have you been in the business? If they’ve only been in the business for a few years, they may not have the experience necessary to get your home sold for the most money.

2. What is your average list-to-sale price ratio? In other words, what’s the average of how much their homes sell above or below the initial asking price?

3. What is your marketing plan or strategy to maximize the home’s sale price?

4. How will you differentiate my property from others on the market? Buyers may have three to five other homes that they are looking at in the same neighborhood as you. What will make your property rise on that list?

“We allow you to cancel our agreement at any time for any reason.”

5. What are the top three things that separate you from your competition?

6. Will you provide documents to sign before the time comes to sign them? Nobody likes being asked to sign something right on the spot. You want to make sure you do your due diligence and aren’t agreeing to terms you don’t know about.

7. How will you help me find other professionals? You might need to get in contact with a plumber, a painter, a roofer, or a general handyman during the course of your transaction. Do they have a list of vetted professionals that can help serve your needs?

8. How much do you charge? Don’t be afraid to ask this question. You’ll want to know what you’re getting for your money.

9. What kind of cancellation policy do they offer? Do they allow you to cancel the agreement at any time for any reason? We do.

10. How long does it take them to respond to buyer inquiries? You can put them to the test by seeing how long it takes them to respond to you. The time it takes for them to respond to you is indicative of how long it takes them to respond buyer inquiries and that’s very important.

If you have any questions for us or are looking for someone to help you buy, sell, or invest in real estate here in Long Beach, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.