What does it take to find the value of a haunted house? Let’s discuss.

As you know, I usually like to share helpful hints with all of you about what’s going on in the Southern California area real estate market. Today, though, I’d like to ask for your help, instead.

Here’s the situation: I recently received an online home value request at exactly midnight from Mr. and Mrs. Adams. The couple told me that their property, 1313 Cemetery Lane, is haunted, and wasn’t sure if I’d be willing to take on such a property. I tried calling the couple back to discuss their situation, but the phone line went dead. And when I visited the property in person, no one answered. In fact, the home appeared to have been completely abandoned a long, long time ago. 

With all of that being said, here is how you can help: If you happen to know the Adams family, could you please put them in touch with me? And, if not, could you relay these five questions? Each of them will help them to determine their home’s value: 

1. Are they planning on moving the cars from the front lawn, or are they included in the sale? When I arrived at the property, there were a number of abandoned cars—all of which were, strangely, left running. It was as if the owners of the vehicles had been forced to flee. 

2. Will they be taking their bats with them? One of the trees in the front yard had a huge, red-eyed bat in it. I could see this turning off potential buyers. 

3. Has there been a death on the property within the past three years? Under California State law, owners are required to disclose this information, as it could affect the home’s value.

4. Are the tombstones in the back yard real? If so, how do Mr. and Mrs. Adams intend to sell a property located on a burial site?

5. Is the spooky aesthetic just for Halloween? The property looked, for lack of a better word, scary. If Mr. and Mrs. Adams get back in touch with me, we’ll definitely need to work on improving their curb appeal. 

“Hopefully, the Adams family can get back to me soon—while they’re still in the home selling spirit.”

Thank you all for your help in relaying these messages to the Adams family. Hopefully, they can get back to me soon—while they’re still in the home selling spirit.

And, as always, if you have any questions about selling your own (hopefully not haunted) home, or if you’d like more information about your other real estate goals, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. Just don’t “ghost” me like the Adams did!